Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting.

You'll see that, on paper, I've always been a marketing specialist and web/graphic designer. Although my roots are in nonprofit communications, I've come from both in-house and agency environments, and I absolutely love what I do.

I'm passionate about visual design, and I consider myself lucky to be a creative type. When most kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons, I was already playing with custom Photoshop brushes and building Angelfire pages in a world where the internet was still considered "Web 1.0."

Officially, I specialize in marketing strategy, graphic design, web design and email marketing. I also have experience with content writing, social media advertising and analytics.

But really, I'm just a do-gooder that loves to be in service to others.

I pride myself on being as helpful as I can, while simultaneously being efficient and intentional. Tell me what your dream is — build a brand, sell more products, help animals find loving homes, or whatever your mission may be — and I'll be right there with you, because my goal is to help you reach your goals!